Using state of the art technology, we can restore your photos and oil paintings, and give new life to important mementos and family treasures.  

Photograph Restoration:  Our experts can restore any of your photos that are damaged, worn or faded, giving new life to important mementos and family treasures. After scanning your images, we can digitally alter them in a variety of ways to improve clarity, contrast and color. We can also remove tears, scratches or any damage from water and mold.  If you wish, we can also add special effects, accents and features. This includes:

  • Adding or changing color and tones
  • Accentuating specific items in the photo to add drama and emphasis
  • Changing the image dimensions

When the photo has been altered to your liking, the finished product can be printed in two ways:

Print on paper.  Our archival quality paper comes with a choice of multiple finishes.

Print on canvas.  On canvas, the finished work will have the appearance of an oil painting, and transform your memento into a work of art.

To prevent deterioration, we also offer protective archival mounting and framing.
Oil Painting Restoration:  We also offer a full range of artistic expertise to restore damaged or faded oil paintings. Through careful repair and meticulous matching of colors, finish and technique, your painting will be brought back to life with new vitality.  Finally, worn or damaged frames can be replaced with our outstanding variety of custom choices.