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“Oliviya” Olga Golan was born in 1975 in

Sochi, Russia. She lives in Israel.

The start of her art career began in college

where she majored in art. From 1991 to

1993, she learned in an art school. Golan

then learned in the academy of arts, V.I.

Surikov, in Saint Petersburg. After

completing her studies, she continued her

education in multiple art forms such as

abstract, modern sculptures and urban

sculptures. She learned privately under G. Edward, S.

Vladimir and M. Segal as well as took private lessons

with Slava Timchenko.

She is an impressionist artist that works mainly with

a palette knife and oil paint. Her paintings are

notable for their thick, elevated texture and bright

Golan has participated in multiple group exhibitions.

She also had an exhibition in W Towers. She has art

displayed in a number of galleries.